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What is a WEBinar?  It is the next best thing to a live classroom environment. We select themes for each quarter based on input from you - our customers. Sometimes, we have guest speakers and panel-of-experts presentations. Our presentations qualify for QAI recertification credits (CPE) and PMI recertification credits (PDU).  A WEBinar is a Web-based teleconferencing seminar with a teleconference telephone connection for audio. We use a special Web broadcast (interactive WEB cast) to present spreadsheets, web pages, documents, and Power Points together with interactive chat and graphics for presenter and attendees. 

What Does On Demand Mean? On Demand WEBinars are pre-recorded versions of past live WEBinars. We provide links to the pre-recorded audio, Power Points and documents.  No CDs are provided or mailed. Although not valid for QAI recertification credits, the contents can be downloaded and viewed at your convenience. For a short time after live WEBinar completion, a live "video movie" of the WEBinar is also often provided as a bonus for early orders.  This movie runs on Macromedia Flash, needs no special software, and can be played back directly from our site, or downloaded and played back from your computer. 

Book overview

For a 5-minute movie about the course,  Managing Projects Well, click here.

WEBinars (web-Based seminars)

What is a WEBinar?
What does On Demand mean?
How do I Order and Register?
Frequently Asked Questions

Join us for "Wednesday WEBinars" on the first Wednesday of each month. 

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We make our WEBinars available in three (3) forms:

  1. Live to optimize attendee interaction,  and
  2. On Demand, or in archival or pre-recorded form, to fit your schedule and convenience. 
  3. Both Live and On Demand


Live WEBinars require entry of the attendee's name and email address during payment.  The next email that you get after registration contains a link you use to join the meeting at the selected time, including links to test connectivity. 

A substantial discount for the On Demand version is available when ordered with the live WEBinar.

On Demand (pre-recorded)

  1. Past (previously recorded) We'll email you a link to a page on our website to download the On Demand WEBinar. The link includes  are shipped via emailed link to a hidden page on our website, which has links to movies, PPTs, audio files, and documents.

  2. Upcoming (to be recorded) We'll email you a link in the same way as a "past" (previously recorded WEBinar) automatically after the live WEBinar completes. 

Both Live and On Demand

Many live WEBinar attendees also like to get the On Demand version to have a good review, especially since PowerPoint files are only available with the On Demand order.  

How to Order and Register

An overview of the process appears below; for more detail; go to our Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Select your desired WEBinar subject

  2. Determine time: Domestic / International

  3. Determine type: live, On Demand, or both

  4. Be sure it will run on your machine (before or after order): WEBinar Preparation * and Test WEBinar

  5. Order product, using your (the attendee's) name and email address

  6. PayPal processes the order; you can use your own credit card instead

  7. You get an instant web page and email receipt

  8. In 30 minutes, you get your order via email

  9. For live orders, pretest link and login. 

  10. Join WEBinar early, consider viewing WEBinar orientation movie. **

Times and Attendees

  • Most of our WEBinars are for a nominal fee; some are free. Our free WEBinars have open, competitive seating. 

  • Our paid WEBinars have pre-allocated, reserved seats. 

  • For both, we encourage individual attendance from multi-site organizations, and small conference room groups attending as a unit (using, for example, a projection monitor and speakerphone).  

For both our paid and free WEBinars, we provide enrollees with the following: 

  • An e-mail with an unique, private link, login, and password to join the WEBinar and the teleconferencing phone number and access codes -- no special software or downloaded programs needed.

  • Instructions to pre-condition your computer,  and conduct a practice login to a test WEBinar

  • Both live and pre-recorded orientations to our WEBinar interface for first-time users. 

  • A transcript of the chat log with your own and others' comments and questions, following the WEBinar.

Answers to many other questions you might have are addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Pre-recorded Orientations to our WEBinar interface: 

* To download the WEBinar Preparation movie files for later viewing, via Windows Internet Explorer using "Save Target As,"  saving all the files in the same folder without changing the file names: (Then click on first downloaded file to playback)
first  right click here 
then right click here 
then right click here.

** To download the WEBinar Orientation movie files for later viewing, via Windows Internet Explorer using "Save Target As,"  saving all the files in the same folder without changing the file names: (Then click on first downloaded file to playback)
first  right click here 
then right click here 
then right click here.


On Demand Recording Library by Topic

Click on the WEBinar title for detail on the on demand content  


Full Process Series

     Concepts and Definitions

     Methodology Overview and Planning

     Process Definition and updating



Full Measurement Series




     5 Step Meas Process


Conflict Management

Ego and Heart in Business

Speak up and Confront

Full Conflict Series

     The Conflict Flowchart

     Conflict Subcategories

     RID Model

     Quick Techniques

Innovation & Risk Assessment

Surviving with Scenario Planning

Creativity and Innovation Day-long Apr 2007 Conference

Creativity and Innovation Concepts

Creativity and Innovation Tools

Persuading & Influencing Others

How to Convince a Skeptic

Confront Project Problems

Breakthrough Conversations: Words That Change Minds

Assembling the “Right” Project Team

Enhancing Senior Management/Sponsor Support

Gathering Requirements

Full Requirements Series
(All 4 Requirements Model 6-step WEBinars below) 

     High Quality Requirement Model
(Overview of Six Step Process) 

     Identifying Business Needs, In Depth
(Step 1 of 6 in-depth)

     Analyzing Business Requirements and Constraints
(Steps 2 and 3 of 6 in-depth)

     Resolving Requirements Conflicts
(Steps 4 thru 6 in-depth)

"Digging at a Requirement's Roots" ~ A Systematic Technique of Inquiry

Creating a "Well-formed" Requirement

Quality Assurance

Full Software QA Series

     Software QA: Fundamentals of Quality

     Software QA: Principles of Quality

     Software QA: Making Quality Happen Intro

     Software QA: Making Quality Happen Final

Software Testing

Full Software Testing Series

     Software Testing: Test Objectives

     Software Testing: Test Design

     Software Testing: Test Execution

     Software Testing: Test Reporting

Managing Testing Projects Well

Using Software Testing Metrics for Effectiveness

Skills Inventory for Today's Software Project Managers

Addressing the Top Ten Testing Challenges

Communication Tools to Address the Top Ten Testing Challenges

Economics of Continuous Testing

Test Automation

User Acceptance Testing

Project Management Techniques

Technical PM Series Parts 1-4

     1. Project Definitions and Concepts

     2. Project Quality

     3. Project Scheduling and Networks

     4. Project Planning

Behavioral PM Series Parts 1-5

     1. Managing Your Time

     2. Change and Stress

     3. Influencing Others

     4. Working with Groups

     5. Project Conflicts and Motivation

Dealing with Conflicting Projects or Priorities

Effective Delegation


Estimates That Really Work

Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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