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Conflict Resolution for Leaders


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Donít look where you fall, but where you slipped. Ė African proverb


Free Conflict WEBinar: Are you a Manager or a Damager?

Free Webinar : When it comes to conflict, Are You a Manager or Damager? Come learn how to deal with conflict in a whole new way. Appropriate for both personal and professional use. 

October is Conflict Management Month in Colorado. When you attend the webinar, you will be able to download the ďAre you a Manager or a Damager? ď flowchart. 

It will be our pleasure to share a free copy of a PDF that explains Manager versus Damager behaviors during the WEBinar. It details The Paths through Conflict in a clear and useful manner. 

Use it to promote a better understanding of: 

  • The path or the manager versus the path of the manager. 
  • How individuals differ in the responses to workplace conflict. 
  • How to take prompt action to manage and not damage a situation.
  • How to cultivate conflict resilience. 

How to make the most from it: 

  • Share it with colleagues who are embroiled in a workplace conflict now. 
  • Print it, laminate it, and place it on your organizationís wall to remind managers (and others) of the need to have the intent to learn in a conflict situation.
  • Use it as a handout for your managing workplace conflict program course or training session. 

It can be freely shared and redistributed (without modifications and not for re-sale) with permission from the author, Dr. Margaret Paul. 

Want to learn more? 

This is an introductory Webinar to a four-part monthly series starting October 10.† 

Part 1† 

Assess your teamís conflict resilience. 

Then, we will fully explore the path of the damager versus the path of the manager. The path of the damager involves overt control , covert control, power struggles, blame, victimhood, and compliance, oh my! 

The path of the manager shows the desire to learn and reflect and to be part of a team. 

Part 2

Part 2 divides conflict into many subcategories. Participants will self-select where they or others fall. Based on those responses, more details and solutiions will be provided for each selected subcategory.

Part 3

Part 3 exhibits the R.I.D. model (Recognize, Identify, and Deflect) for conflict. The steps within this simple acronym (Get R.I.D. of Conflict) give you a pathway to minimize, correct, or prevent conflict.

Then, we describe in depth Gregory Bateson's model of Logical Levels. This model (Identity, Belief, Capability, Behavior, Environment) often shows mismatched "levels" when conflict escalates. Procedures are introduced for diagnosing levels in operation during conflict, matching levels, and working your way down maintaining rapport and matching as you go.

Part 4†

Part 4 shows quick techniques to avoid escalation of criticism, such as "get curious not furious". Some "silver bullets" to maximize agreement are shared.

The program includes a change in languaging called "slight of mouth" to turn conflict into chemistry.††

Conducted Wed. September 26, 2012

Watch Now 

About the speaker: 
Stephen A. Bender, PMP, CSQA, CSTE, CQE

Steve Bender, President of The Quality Connection, is a management consultant, past Senior Examiner for New York State's Excelsior Award, and veteran in Quality Assurance. He holds Bachelor's (BSEE, '69) and Master's (MSCS, '71) degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and was listed in The Yearbook of Authorities, Experts, and Spokespersons and is a Life Member of the International Registry of Who's Who. He has participated in numerous areas in information technology, service, manufacturing, human resources, executive management, and strategic management consulting. With extensive experience in Total Quality Management and rapid culture change added to over 30 years in Information Systems, his interactive style is known to thousands of attendees.  more->

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Recertification credits: 1 PDU (PMI), 1 CPE (QAI).  


Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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