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Picture of the book: Managing Projects Well.
Steve's book 
'Hands on' approach to project management.

Focuses on team members as well as leaders. 

Focuses on real-world projects.


Quality Assurance Campus

Quality Assurance Institute of India

Quality Investment in People

The Buzz

What you share is actually what we need to do, and we are not doing

This is the finest seminar and learning experience I have had at anytime, ever.

PMI multi-week course graduate: "I know you said this course was principally non-technical. However, technically, I learned more about how to schedule using networks in 4 hours than I ever did with PMI in several 

I am usually happy if I can bring back just one thing. Now, there are at least 30 great things I want to implement.

I came here because I was forced to come, by my boss. I was convinced this would waste my time, and I came pre-disposed to learning nothing. I have to admit, I gained quite a few things, and I intend to use them.

These words really do 'change minds!' I was able to make a compelling proposal using your 'steps to convince a skeptic. It opened doors for our team.

To suggest that x% of people like 'y' and z% of people like 'w' seemed crazy...but I see it all the time now. It's a very natural division, and now I know how to use it to my advantage in negotiations. 

It's amazing how a very simple term like 'free from dirt' can mean something entirely different in a partner's mind!  Your course taught me to be alert to ambiguities and vagueness in language and then how to 'dig' (no pun intended) for a true 'meeting of the minds' (Words that Change Minds) keeps saving us valuable time and effort!

Now, I talk to them [negotiation partners] where they are...based on their patterns...rather than just get irritated. 

My nervousness is much, much, less. Now, I am able to be myself in negotiations...this works much better than trying to be someone else!

In the Press

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Article: "Ask, Don't Tell" in projects@work at

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