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Stephen A. Bender    
, CO  
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OBJECTIVE:     Contract Pilot Employment, LR-JET 31/35/55, KA 90/200/250  

     Airline Transport Pilot Certificate-AMEL
     Type Ratings:  LR-JET
     Commercial -ASEL
     Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments ASMEL, AGI, IGI
     FCC Radio Operator Permit

     Total.................... 7393                        Turbine.............. 5106
    PIC...................... 5972                        AMEL...................5173 

Professional Contract Pilot Services, King Air & Learjets  (current)
Charter/Med Pilot, International Jet, Englewood, CO           (10/13 6/15) King Air C90, 250,    Learjets -31 & 35 & 55
Business Owner,  The Quality Connection, Littleton, CO  (3/88 Present)
     Quality expert, Lecturer, Speaker, Consultant
     Author, Managing Projects Well and How to Achieve a Total Quality Life
     CRM Checklists
     Flight Instructor, Aspen Flying Club      (10/99 Present)
Active flight instructor no students ever failing a written or flight test
Charter Captain, Mayo Aviation, Englewood, CO           (7/00 5/11) King Air C90, E90, 200,    Learjets -35 & 55
     Corporate Pilot, Page Flight, Inc., Albany , NY     (6/88 11/92)
Beech King Air E-90, F-90

     FlightSafety International, (TUS, LGB), Simuflite (DFW)
Learjet 31 & 35 & 55, King Air 200 series 135 recurrents;  Aspen special appr course
     Robert Dilts,     Trainers Cert., NLP, 1992
     Southern Institute of NLP , Masters, Business Cert. NLP
     Eastern NLP (Neruo-Linguistic Programming) Institute, Practitioner, NLP
     Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy , NY
BS Electrical Engineering
MS Computer Science

Organizations & Interests:
     NBAA-National Business Aviation Association, NBAA Safety award, (accident free)
Civil Air Patrol:  Coordinated numerous Civil Air Patrol Missions as overall Area Coordinator with actual aircraft finds

REFERENCES:             On Request


Stephen A. Bender, PMP, CSQA, CSTE, CQE

Steve Bender, President of The Quality Connection, is a Corporate Pilot and Flight Instructor, management consultant, past Senior Examiner for New York State's Excelsior Award, and veteran in Quality Assurance. He holds Bachelor's  and Master's degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and was listed in The Yearbook of Authorities, Experts, and Spokespersons and is a Life Member of the International Registry of Who's Who. He has participated in numerous areas in information technology, service, manufacturing, human resources, executive management, and strategic management consulting. With extensive experience in Total Quality Management and rapid culture change added to over 30 years in Information Systems, his interactive style is known to thousands of attendees.  more->



Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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