The Quality Connection
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34% of project problems due to undefined objectives and problems

Requirements Gathering 
Two-thirds of all system defects traced to incomplete, inaccurate, or missing requirements,  nice if your team got information right to begin with. 

Scenario Planning 
We've been taught to focus on a goal and forge ahead. Now, it's especially important to keep multiple options open, especially the “unlikely” ones.

Critical Thinking
Assess your teams' problem solving abilities and strategies. Create clear and exact standards for your teams' ability to think critically. Provide them with a practical, usable, and quick system to think critically.

Mission and Vision Planning 
Get a clear direction and purpose including a mission, vision, philosophy, values, objectives, strategies, tactics, and plans, and interrelationships. Generate and refine your vision, mission, and values based on what the organization already does and what it intends to do.

Establish Quality IT Measures, Processes, & Standards
Identify areas of improvement, to increase the productivity of your employees, and to improve the overall quality of goods and services; practical guidelines for implementing metrics and analyzing them using simple statistical methods; provide a defect prevention system; a customizable approach for process definition, deployment, and improvement.  

Six Sigma
Get an understanding of Six Sigma implementation in a software development environment. You will become familiar with its Methodologies & Tools and applications. Become enabled to prepare a road-map for launching Six Sigma, and understand Key Success Factors & Challenges during launch, deployment & sustenance.
Understand synergy between Six Sigma and frameworks such as CMM®/CMMI®/ PCMM®.  For more information, contact us. 

Agile Processes 
Manage and control Agile software testing projects; understand the basic concepts of Agile, Scrum and Sprints; understand and practice the method of estimation in Agile; understand Agile testing strategies and planning; know about test team dynamics. For more information, contact us. 



Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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