Live WEBinar preparation 

What is a WEBinar?

This page includes the following for live WEBinars: 

  • recommended tests
  • configuration instructions
  • login details 

Preparation steps

  1. Go to test WEBinar now to assure readiness
  2. Resolve connectivity issues with your system administrator prior to meeting login
  3. Pre-test your live meeting link, login, and password early

Login instructions (on the day of the live WEBinar)

Either dial in and login 10 minutes early for a live WEBinar Orientation or watch the WEBinar Orientation movie in advance.

We ask all participants to be dialed in and logged in 5 minutes early for participant introductions.

  1. Note your registration email for detailed phone numbers, passcodes, links, logins, passwords
  2. Dial into telephone teleconference first, then enter your passcode
  3. Use emailed meeting link to join the meeting; we suggest accepting add-in if prompted
  4. Login with your email address (your login) and password; do not enter as a guest

Want to view a movie detailing these steps?
click on WEBinar Preparation (flash 6.0 or higher required). You can watch the entire movie, and/or pause playback to accomplish the steps as you go.  Movie is quite complete, and includes steps needed to both condition your machine and server and email, and WEBinar login instructions as well.

Need Flash for the movie?
Assure you have Flash 6 or higher installed via Flash version check (if needed, uninstall then install Flash); note that the meeting will require Flash 8. 



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